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If you would like to appoint a mediator or to discuss any aspect of mediation, please contact any of our mediators directly.  All our mediators’ details may be obtained by clicking on the links to their websites


The AWBCM does not appoint  mediators or administer mediations itself.   If you wish to discuss selecting a mediator or have any general questions about the suitability of your dispute for mediation, the mediation process or the likely costs of mediation, please feel free to contact any of our mediators directly.







The Association will not have any involvement with the conduct or administration of mediations conducted by our members.    Our aim is:

(a) to provide mutual support and professional development to our members to promote best practice in all fields of mediation; 

(b) to provide information about our professionally accredited local mediators;

(c) to promote mediation in general;

(d) to make mediation services more readily available to businesses and individuals in the area.



The Association is committed to best practice in mediation. 


1. Any concerns you have about the Association or any of its members should be made in writing or by email and addressed to or, if by post, to The Association of Wales & Border Counties Mediators, c/o Monmouthshire Mediation Practice, Singleton Court, Wonastow Road, Monmouth NP25 5JA.


2. The Membership Secretary will confirm by email within 3 working days of receipt of your email or letter that the Association will investigate your complaint.  The complaint will be recorded in a central record and will be investigated by a committee of members of the Association who have not had connection with the mediation in question.


3. The Membership Secretary will report back to you in writing or by email within 4 weeks of the date on which you were sent the acknowledgement of your complaint.

4. Concerns relating to particular member of the organisation should be made in the first instance direct to the member, with a copy of the complaint emailed to the Membership Secretary (as above). 


5. Where the matter complained of impacts on the Association, the process at paragraphs 2 and 3 above will apply.  The Membership Secretary may contact you to ask for further information from you, or ask to meet you to discuss your concerns.  

6. The Membership Secretary will report back to you in writing or by email within 4 weeks of the date they sent you the acknowledgement of your complaint. 

7. The Association is committed to maintaining the highest standards amongst its members.    If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of an investigation or with a response from an individual mediator, you can contact the relevant accrediting body.

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